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1   2nd march  2014

17-30hrs sat 2nd march the all weather and inshore lifeboat from holyhead with their volunteer crews launched to two climbers cragfast a gogarth bay north stack area holyhead along with holyhead cliff teams and a helicopter from RAF valley all were rescued safely ,the helicopter crew airlifted the pair to safety and all teams back on station 19-00hrs holyhead coastguard co-ordinated incident

2 15th march  2014

Holyhead lifeboat crew launched on Service Saturday at 13-08 to a report of DSC alert for Mayday and also reports of Red Flares . lifeboat proceeded towards the South Stack area and T/Bay arrived on scene first and reported being alongside a commercial fishing vessel 38ft beam trawler that said he had lost his electronics and had sent a DSC alert but it was not the vessel that was coming up on the Coastguard system so lifeboat crew had to wait until he was able to send another DSC and confirm that it was him .the vessel was then escorted back around the Stacks and into the Fish Dock at Holyhead . Two Crew Onboard weather WSW force 5 lumpy seas off the Stacks back in Pen at 14-50.holyhead coastguard co-ordinated callout


3    13th April     2014

ILB on exercise in Holyhead Bay when a call came in from the Coastguard to the Station asking for the ILB to attend a Jet Ski near the slipway at Sandy Beach. When on scene a person was found to be in the water and the Jet Ski was disabled with electrical problems . the new owner had only managed to get 30 mts off the slip before it broke down! Person landed on the slip with Jet Ski and ILB returned to Station at 12-30 pm  ,holyhead coastguard co-ordinated callout

4    17th April     2014

Just after 4pm today Holyhead inshore lifeboat and her volunteer crew were launched to assist a male gentleman taken ill during a launch of a boat at Holyhead the lifeboat crew assisted along with local coastguard team to place casualty in awaiting sea king helicopter from RAF Valley ,helicopter took casualty to Bangor hospital ,Holyhead coastguard co-ordinated the call

5    27th April     2014


Holyhead lifeboat's with volunteer crews launched at 8-00am today to rescue 4 people on a 40ft yacht being blown on to Holyhead breakwater with an easterly f5 gusting 6 with no engine power the inshore lifeboat crew passed a tow and with ...help of a private vessel pulled the yacht clear ,the tow was then taken over by Holyhead all weather lifeboat and volunteer crew to place the vessel on the marina .the crew of the yachts was on passage to port dinorwic but decided to go to Holyhead for repairs to her engine .Holyhead coastguard teams were on hand to help with the call out

6    27th April     2014

 Holyhead lifeboats launched to assist in search for missing near holyhead breakwater along with RAF helicopter and coastguard teams ,the search teams were all stood down when the gent was found safe and well and is with police Holyhead lifeboats returned to station and refuelled ready to launch

7    28h April     2014

Holyhead inshore lifeboat launched at 14-05hrs to assist small speed boat with mechanical problems off north stack part of Holyhead .ILB preceded to North Stack to vessel with one adult aboard .The ILB volunteer crew took the vessel in tow back to Sandy Beach to recover on the beach. returned to Station refuelled and ready for service at 15-45 Holyhead coastguard also involved with rescue

8   10th may    2014

2-20am sat the Holyhead all weather lifeboat and her volunteer crew were called out to help a 33ft sigma with three people on board ,the vessel had got into difficulties 8 miles out when there mast broke free leaving the vessel helpless in force 7 winds in huge seas off the skerries light ,the coxswain asked if the yacht crew were able to cut free the debris as weather conditions made it hazardous  to pass lifeboat crew to assist in big sea swell this was done and lifeboat and crew escorted vessel under her own power to Holyhead marina after 6.hrs the crew made the at Holyhead lifeboat ready for service again before going home to their love ones ,Holyhead coastguard co-ordinated the callout

9    15th may    2014

volunteer lifeboat crew from holyhead were tasked to assist 122 sqd from valley with injured fisherman holyhead 15 miles out of  .the crew boarded fishing boat and helped the raf winch man to ready casualty for airlift ,casualty was flown to hospital and lifeboat and crew retuned to holyhead  .Holyhead coastguard co-ordinated the callout

10   18th may    2014

lifeboat requested to launch but stood down before lifeboat was launched

11   18th may    2014

Holyhead lifeboat ,Moelfre lifeboat helicopter from valley and coastguard teams all  responded to sighting of red flares near bull bay ,after Aprox one hour all emergency services were stood down when it was established flares were fired inland and not on the sea .Holyhead coastguard co-ordinated the callout

12   31st may    2014

Holyhead lifeboat launched for two retired disabled soldiers who had fallen from their kayak off south stack .the two were raising funds for charity when the got into trouble ,the lifeboat crew were able to recover them and their kayak and bring them to holyhead no first aid was required .Holyhead coastguard co-ordinated the callout

13  1st june   2014

Two divers who sparked a six hour search featuring RNLI lifeboats, the Coastguard and an RAF helicopter have been found safe and well.The Coastguard requested the launch of both RNLI Holyheadís inshore and all-weather lifeboats at 12.45pm on Sunday 1 June following a report of two divers who had failed to return to their boat in the South Stack area of Anglesey.
The search continued throughout the afternoon, joined by RNLI lifeboats from Trearddur Bay and Porth Dinlliaen.
Following a search of the area the divers were spotted by an RAF helicopter some seven miles from where they started from. Holyhead RNLIís all-weather lifeboat was just four minutes away and quickly picked up the divers.
The two casualties were taken to RAF Valley air base for transfer to hospital but after they were checked out by RAF medics it was determined they were both fit and well.

14  3rd June   2014

Holyhead ILB whilst on training in local area was tasked to a incident in church bay 4 people in the water . the casualty's two adults and 9year old twin boys were almost ashore when the volunteer Holyhead lifeboat crew arrived the crew were informed that they had been in the water for 30mins and the two boys were on the upturned hull of a 14ft boat the crew contacted Holyhead coastguard and requested a ambulance to attend ,local coastguard teams also were in attendance to help ,big thank you to Simon bunting a RNLI training officer and Beaumaris lifeboat crew member who was putting Holyhead crew through their paces on the inshore lifeboat when the call came in


15   5th June   2014

lifeboat tasked to 17ft dory 4 persons on board vessel suffered mechanical problem 1 mile west of church bay Anglesey .lifeboat found vessel under anchor one mile off shore ,three casualty's were taken aboard lifeboat for safety and a tow was passed and vessel taken to holyhead marina no first aid required .Holyhead coastguard -coordinating call

16  14th June   2014

Holyhead ILB was tasked to vessel in trouble near church bay when volunteer crew arrived all was found to be well call was a good intent

 call lifeboat released and stood down ,Holyhead coastguard -coordinating call

17  15th July    2014

Holyhead Lifeboat volunteer crew on board relief Trent lifeboat responded to local fishing vessel with fouled propeller on arriving crew

 set about removing rope around the prop ,this done vessel made her way back to Holyhead with lifeboat standing by ,sea was calm

 good vis and no first aid required ,Holyhead coastguard coordinated the call out

18    16th July    2014

Holyhead relief lifeboat with her volunteer crew took over a tow from Moelfre lifeboat off Carmel head who were towing a 27ft yacht

 with 2 persons on board that had suffered mechanical problems .the vessel was taken under tow and taken to Holyhead marina no first

 aid required .Holyhead coast guard coordinated the call out

19    22ND July    2014
Holyhead ILB was called at 02-05 this morning to a person in distress threatening to jump off the Celtic Bridge. the person was talked

 down by the police and ILB released before it arrived on Scene. lifeboat Rehoused and ready for service at 02-30 am

20     23 rd July    2014

Holyhead ILB and ALB launched to MAYDAY vessel taking on water just outside holyhead harbour volunteers crews were with casualty very fast and placed a salvage pump aboard her stemming the water  ingress so vessel could be towed to safety and lifted out at holyhead boatyard no first aid required .holyhead coastguard coordinated the call out and a local boat gave assistance until lifeboats arrived

21     2 nd aug   2014

Holyhead ILB crew launched to 1 adult 3 children in plastic canoe and inflatable canoe stuck on rocks near sandy beach ,casualty's recovered by small rib who was close by lifeboat and coastguard and helicopter from RAF valley ,winch man checked all casualty's and they were all ok ,inflatable,s  recovered by lifeboat crew